The band is a family. Literally. John plays guitar and serves as the lead vocalist for the band. Billy Metzner is the lead guitar player, and his wife, Amy, is a lead and background vocalist. Blake Narron, the drummer, grew up along side Billy who was his youth pastor and when Blake was going through a rough period in high school, lived with Billy. Ralph Hoskins, the band’s bass player, has played in bands with Billy for nearly 20 years. And, John's wife, Becky, can sometimes be found playing keys.

The band members each are also involved in leading worship at their respective churches on weeks when they are not leading with the band. And all have day jobs: John (lawyer), Becky (sales rep), Billy (custom furniture/cabinet business), Amy (banking), Blake (fraud and loss prevention for a large company) and Ralph (automotive).


John Ivins

Lead Vocals and Guitar


John grew up in Richmond, Va. -- the son of a second-career Baptist minister who served most of his vocational ministry on the staff of the Virginia Baptist General Association.  John's Dad was actually led to the Lord by John's Mom who simply wanted them involved in church.  After a successful career in the insurance business, and as John was about to be born, his Dad felt God leading him to vocational ministry.  The family survived for six years as John's Dad attended college and seminary with John's Mom serving as a bookeeper and John's Dad serving on the staffs of several small churches during that time.  So, John's Dad's faith in God -- literally starting from scratch to follow God -- shaped a lot of John's own faith in God.  John, an only child, grew up with great life examples in his parents and with a huge respect for the sacrifices his parents went through to make God first in their lives.

John was saved as a youth, was baptized by his Dad, and was active in church youth groups, singing and playing guitar as a youth at church and in secular venues.  While he entered college thinking he might go into the music business, during college, he felt called to law school.  He graduated from college, went to law school, clerked for the Virginia Supreme Court and joined a downtown Richmond law firm where he has been a lawyer his entire adult life. When he went to law school, he believed music was over, but years into practice, his church -- having heard he had been a musician in the past -- called upon him to become involved in contemporary Christian worship, eventually having him lead worship.  It was at this point that John felt led to become involved in ministry.  It is from this path that the band was formed.

It was not initially clear for John whether God wanted him to follow the path of his Dad by trading in his secular vocation for a minsitry vocation or whether God was directing him to take another path.  Through much prayer and the guidance of many, it became clear - and has remained clear -that God wanted John to serve in a bi-vocational role.  So, John's life is very much split between the world of law and ministry.  As is described in the band's story, during this period, John was married to Kathy, had two boys, Jack and Jim, and life was incredibly good and fulfilling. The ministry took off and over the span of less than a decade, the band -- or John as a worship leader -- travelled throughout the U.S. and to many different countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.  John's wife became ill and passed away in 2010 from melanoma -- that story appears here under OUR STORY.

The period that followed was a very difficult one, however, in His own unique and redemptive way, God has contiued to pour blessings onto John's life, bringing him a wife, Becky, and her four children -- now a blended family of six (quite an interesting life for John, an only child).  John and Becky's honeymoon was a mission trip to India and Nepal where they worked with a church in Delhi, India, a mission in Darjeeling, India, spent days with a church planter in Biratnagar, Nepal and worked with a church in Kathmandu, Nepal.  John speaks of these events, of the challenges certain of them were to his faith and of God's ever presence throughout this journey.  And throughout -- John has led worship. John welcomes the opportunity to lead worship and to share these experiences through music and as a speaker.  



Billy Metzner

Lead Guitar




Billy joined the band in 2006.  Billy faced many challenges growing up, having been raised in many places by various relatives over the years -- but calling Michigan his home state.  While his childhood had difficulties, music was his outlet.  He describes many days where he and his friends who played electric guitar would get together to have "shred fests" to see who was the best.  Billy played in secular rock bands throughout his youth; then entered the Navy after graduating from high school where he served a number of years on submarines.  

He then embarked on a profession in the area of general contracting, learning how to do pretty much everything when it comes to construction.  He was saved in high school, and at a point in his life following the Navy, he felt God leading him to use his musical talents only in a Christian setting.  Billy played with many Christian groups and through those, met Ralph, our bass player.  In addition, Billy was, for a six-year period, a youth pastor in Wilson, N.C. -- where he met Blake, our drummer (isn't God so interesting in the way He brings things together).

Through his early years as an adult, Billy was married and had two children, Zack and Kayla.  As is described here in OUR STORY, Zack tragically died in a motorcycle accident in 2010, and Billy describes that event and the days that followed as the most difficult of his personal life and faith life.  

Like John, he has also experienced an ever restorative God.  Not long after Billy joined the band in 2006, Amy Mahone joined the band briefly in 2007; however, she had to leave after only a brief period due to personal life reasons.  Later, Billy's marriage would, sadly, end .... however, years later, God would bring Amy back to the band -- after becomming Billy's wife!  Billy joined this band to be used in ministry and feels that God has placed him here to tell the story of his life in Christ through spoken words and through his music.


Ralph Hoskins

Bass guitar


Ralph is a man of few words ... so much so, it was tough getting enough information from Ralph to get this bio put together!  Ralph is originally from Roanoke, Virginia, moving to Richmond, Va. in his teens.  Ralph became a believer as a young adult.  He has played bass most of his life and has played in all sorts of bands over the years.  Billy met Ralph years ago when they both were attending the same church in Chesterfield, Va.  Ralph's first involvement in Christian music was at this church where Billy and Ralph played together.  When Billy moved to North Carolina, Ralph stayed in Richmond.

When Billy moved back and not long after Billy joined this band, an opportunity opened up for a bass player.  Billy said that Ralph was one of the best bass players he'd ever been privileged to play with. Shortly after that, Ralph joined the band and has been with the band ever since. Ralph is married and has several adult children.  


Blake Narron




Blake also joined the band through Billy -- his former youth pastor. Blake grew up in North Carolina.  When his parents separated, his home life became very difficult, and during high school, Blake moved in with Billy's family.  When he graduated from high school, he moved to Richmond, Va. -- where Billy was living and, for fun, hung out with the band all the time.  When the band's drummer (who helped found the band) left because he needed to spend more time with his small children, it turned out that Blake could play drums -- a fact John knew nothing about.  And, so joining the band as the new drummer seemed providential.

Blake was saved in high school and has learned lots about finding God's plans for your life.  He has seen God's hand in leading him to a great job with one of the largest banks/credit card companies in the US.  And, God has brought him a spouse in Rachel, and, together, they have 2 boys, Masyn and Havyk -- ages 5 and 2. Blake loves being part of worship, loves drumming and loves sharing his experiences of how God has blessed him and brought him through many challenges to reach this point in his life.  


Amy Metzner


Amy grew up in Hopewell, Va. She was raised in the chuirch, saved and baptized as a youth and has held lots of church positions -- including serving as a youth pastor.  In 2007, the band was in search of a female singer.  John was told about Amy, and he approached her about becomming part of the band.  She joined the band at that time, however, her personal life at the time did not permit the time committment of the band and its travels.  So, she left.

God, however, had a different plan, And, through much prayer and support and providential circumstances, Amy married Billy and eventually re-joined the band.  In fact, John co-officiated their wedding.  She has a big heart for people that is visible in all aspects of her life -- whether in her life in the banking world, in her life in ministry, or in her everyday encounters with strangers. 


Becky Ivins


Becky would be the first to tell you that being the keyboard player in this band is most certainly NOT her calling ... however, she plays from time to time.  What she loves is the ministry.  She met John at a difficult time in his life, having had many challenges of her own.  While neither were looking to get married at the time, God had other plans.  

Unlike everyone else ... Becky was raised Mormon.  Most of her family remains Mormon, however, as a young adult, she was saved, gave her life to Christ and left the Mormon church.  This was a very difficult thing for her in that it caused huge turmoil with members of her family ... the scars from which remain today.  She was born to be a mother; the result can be seen in her four children, Jacob (18), Julia (16), Lauren (14) and Kathryn (11).  Becky has her own redemptive story that is especially appealing to women that she is willing to and welcomes the chance to share.  

And, just to bring all the band connections together, Billy walked Becky down the aisle as a part of John and Becky's wedding. 


Gear and Related Stuff

John plays McPherson Guitars, and he is endorsed by McPherson Guitars where he is listed among McPherson artists:  http://mcphersonguitars.com/artists/. Billy plays -- and is endorsed by -- C. R. Alsip Guitars.  

John also uses an acoustic effects processor by T C Electronic, uses a variety of strings, including Elixir and Cleartone, and uses Dunlop (.60) picks.  

Billy also plays Charvel Guitars, and gets some of his distinctive tone through a Line 6 amp with a Berhinger cabinet.  He plays D'addario (.009) strings and uses Clayton picks.

Ralph plays a number of different basses, including Warwick, Spector, Ken Smith, and Fodera.  His amps include:  Ampeg head and Hartke cabinets.

Blake plays a Ludwig Centennial drum kit, with Zildjian cymbals and sticks.