The Sam Taylor Effect

Many people have blessed this ministry over the years.  One, whose work and dedication are prominantly displayed on this page, is Sam Taylor.  

Sam began in the Christian music business as a road musician/performer.  He then moved into the production, video and management sides of the record business.  His experience includes producing records for bands such as Third Day and King's X, being part of the management team for ZZ TOP, serving as in-house music video originator/coordinator for ZZ TOP and creating/directing more than 20 MTV music videos.  He's done tons more -- but lucky for John, he's been actively involved in this ministry.

Sam produced John's first CD, "Everything I Need."  Sam has helped to guide much of the media associated with this ministry.  And, he has been on nearly every overseas trip -- whether it involved just John or the entire band -- creating and producing the videos and coordinating the still photography.  He is an amazingly talented person, and the "Sam Taylor Effect" is hard to totally measure other than to simply acknowledge what a blessing he has been to this ministry.

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